Fusion 360: Design and customize a VEX IQ Clawbot

VEX IQ is a great first step into the world of robotics. Using the VEX IQ kit, this course takes you through the assembly of a clawbot robot using Autodesk Fusion 360™, a cloud-based 3D CAD/CAM solution. The course covers all aspects of Fusion 360 including creating an assembly structure, creating assembly and detail drawings, a parts list, and rendering and animating the robot design. You learn how to design your own part or assembly to attach to the robot and the steps required to 3D print your designs.

Fusion 360: Design and customize a VEX IQ Clawbot
12 lessons | 2 hours
Author: Phillip Dollan
Software: Fusion 360
Level: Beginner
Enrollment: 645

iCourse Description

Lesson 1: Getting started

Lesson 2: Fusion 360 Foundational Concepts

Lesson 3: Assemble the gear drive mechanism

Lesson 4: Assemble the support arms

Lesson 5: Assemble the claw arm and a claw

Lesson 6: Complete the assembly of the VEX IQ robot

Lesson 7: Document the robot design

Lesson 8: Rendering and animation

Lesson 9: Design a custom robot part

Lesson 10: Document and make a custom designed robot part


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