Integrated CAD/CAM/CNC: Create a Device Stand

In this course, we'll create a customizable device stand to hold mobile devices for the company ModernDesigns. The provided product specifications call for a fully sculptured product that has sleek curves, hollowed out with charger cord management. You create a model that is easily customizable by customers and can be applied to new phones as they come to market.

As a second challenge, we'll design a personal aluminum device stand with the provided criteria. Use aluminum to manufacture the part and add innovative and functional features to show off to potential customers.

To further your skills, explore one or more of the assignments created for this project. It’s a great opportunity to apply and refine your skills and to work towards becoming an Autodesk Fusion 360™ Certified User.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Create a T-Spline primitive.
  • Experiment with editing a T-Spline body.
  • Generate a rendered image locally and in the project.
  • Place 2D projected views into a drawing.
  • Create a section view.
  • Simulate the programmed toolpaths for each set-up.
  • Explain metrology.
  • Conduct a first article inspection.
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