Fusion 360: Design and Customize a VEX EDR Clawbot

Learning robotics is a great way to learn CAD and engineering principles. Using the VEX EDR kit, this course takes you through the assembly of a clawbot robot using Autodesk Fusion 360™, a cloud-based 3D CAD/CAM solution. This course covers all aspects of Fusion 360, including creating an assembly structure, creating assembly and detail drawings, a parts list, and rendering and animating the robot design. You'll learn how to design your own part or assembly to attach to the robot and the steps required to 3D print your designs.

Thanks That really helped
Good explanation, practice, thank's.
Is there a video that teaches you how to put together every single part step by step?
@Tessa Weinstein - Thank you for your feedback. The video you refer to talks about a different course that is recommended to complete before this course. You can access that course via this url: https://academy.autodesk.com/course/124629/fusion-360-foundational-concepts.
Seriously? This is Lesson 2: Step 2 and he literally says, "You should have completed Lessons 1 through 4." Then looks ahead to lessons 5 through 9. Terrible!
I have learned so much so far thank you for this wonderful course
good coures
just so everyone on the comments know, the wheel 4 assembly is in the lesson 4 tab. Upload lesson 4 to a folder and the wheel assembly shows up. Your welcome :D
Having problem with the quiz no. 7. The results show that the user answer and the correct answer are the same but still grades the quiz zero