Thinking like an Entrepreneur

If you’ve been working on a great innovation, you may want to move it into the hands of the people who will use or buy it. This is your market. This process of bringing your product to market is called commercialization.

There are many possible routes to commercialization. This course invites you to embark on a journey to explore the unknown—the original meaning of starting a “venture”—by learning and practicing entrepreneurial thinking skills. Don’t worry if you’re not sure that you want to start a company, if you’d prefer to give your innovation away, or you’re wondering if you should move on to develop a different idea instead. By the end of the course, you will have a set of tools and questions to help you figure that out.

More specifically, this course will let you: 

  • Evaluate your own entrepreneurial inclinations, capabilities, and resources.
  • Identify ways to develop and practice entrepreneurial thinking skills.
  • Explore your own motivations, personal situation, and market context to see if it would be worth the effort to put the innovation into the marketplace.
  • Identify commercialization pathways for sharing your innovation with the world.
  • Quantify the market opportunity and analyze market risks.
  • Describe potential customers and build hypotheses about why someone might want your innovation.
  • Enable you to engage directly with customers to build the best possible product or business.
  • Familiarize with business-oriented vocabulary that will help you find other online resources.
  • Notice how thinking like an entrepreneur can make you a better designer, engineer, or maker regardless of whether you produce your innovation, go into business, or not.
First lesson was very mind-opening