Fusion 360 for Machinists

As a machinist, you are the expert in how things are made. Your decisions focus on cutting parts, materials, manufacturing costs, and machine operation. Fusion 360 connects CAD and CAM allowing you to set toolpaths, program 3D models for manufacturing, and simulate the CNC machining process prior to cutting the part. Design changes? Not a problem. Cloud-based collaboration allows for project sharing and live review. Changes to the CAD model can be made easily in the same software solution. In this course, you walk through the process of setting up and programming three distinct types of manufacturing methods. You start by creating both 3 and 4 axis CNC toolpaths, CNC Mill/Turn and lathe toolpaths, and finish up by creating 2D cutting toolpaths such as a Waterjet or Lasercut. The lessons expose you to setting up, programming, simulating, and exporting NC code that can be read by CNC machines.

Thank your for your effort in making this course - marks the start of a great new journey.
The challenges aren't set up properly. Wouldn't necessarily call this an "advanced" course... Seems the exact same as the intro to CAM courses. Otherwise, very good course and had been looking for a course like this to dive deeper into the many tool path control parameters and when and where to use them. Before it wasn't very clear why you didn't use "rest machining" for every single operation past the first one, and similar questions I had about the software functionality like that. Well done everyone. Keep it coming please !! Thank You !!!!