Fusion 360 for Designers

As a designer, rapid prototyping is essential to communicating design form and function. Rapid prototyping can offer flexibility for designing for manufacture. It gives designers the ability to create 3D CAD models using freeform methods, and to quickly produce a 3D printed physical prototype. This allows time for product testing and refinement prior to a mass production commitment. In this course, you design a 2-piece carbon fiber Formula SAE car body by utilizing images, creating a sub divided body, using parametric based features, and creating photorealistic renders. You will learn how to take your 2D image concepts to complex 3D models, and prepare them to be manufactured or 3D printed.

Thank you to the FSAE HorsePower Hannover team for their dataset as the basis for the course model.

Please Fix PDF Instructions on Part 8 of Lesson 4 for future students
Overall a very well-written and helpful course though there are a few errors in the instructions.
@Edward Chow Please try clicking on the step again or refresh the page you're working on. If you are still having difficulty, please email designacademy@autodesk.com