Fusion 360: CAD Administration and Collaboration

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Autodesk Fusion 360 cloud-based collaboration features make project sharing and review easier than ever before. This course guides you through how to manage personal and team hubs, calendars, and more to best manage your project’s design process and assets. Additionally, we will describe and apply Fusion project administration features, including managing project files, project archiving, Fusion Personal, and Team hubs. Understanding these collaboration tools and administrative features will help you get the most out of Fusion 360 as you create and share your designs with peers and colleagues. 

Fusion 360: CAD Administration and Collaboration
9 lessons | 54 minutes
Author: Matt Perez
Software: Fusion 360
Level: Intermediate
Enrollment: 481

iCourse Description

Lesson 1: Getting started

Lesson 2: Hubs

Lesson 3: Members

Lesson 4: Calendar and discussion

Lesson 5: Files

Lesson 6: Practice exercises

Lesson 7: Challenge assignments

Lesson 8: Course assessment

Lesson 9: Next steps

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