Fusion 360: Foundational Concepts

Before we begin modeling and prototyping our designs, we’ll review several foundational concepts that will help us anticipate necessary modifications to our designs, during the engineering and manufacturing phases. By understanding how designs are both made and assembled, we can create better designs from the start. In this course, we explore the core concepts behind Fusion 360 CAD/CAM through a series of lectures and hands on exercises to set you on a path toward success.

the software is very very very slow, and when you finish somethings it still stays gray.
Lesson 3 can't seem to check off - redone it 3 times.. still blue instead of green. Otherwise good tutorials.
@Design Academy Thanks!
The Course was sort of confusing around lesson 5, but I figured it out.
@Juan Daniel Hernández Silin - The correct link is located in the green icon right of step 3 - course resources.
link to download the course resources isn't work
Hard to follow videos even with both the video and software windows open but the written instructions are helpful
Great content but software is hard to use