Principles of Sustainable Design

The principles of sustainable design are integral to all stages of the design and build process and can drive innovation, while also preserving natural resources.

This course includes video lectures, design challenges, Fusion 360 software tutorials, and a range of sustainable design documents and examples from leading experts in the field. During this course, you will use Fusion 360 CAD/CAM software to design, develop, prototype, and test sustainable innovation through a series of 3-hour challenge assignments.

Working through this structured approach, you can learn how to suspend your judgment and look at things in a new way. Whether you are looking to improve an existing solution or address a sustainable challenge for the first time, this course prepares product designers and engineers to take a quick step forward to integrating the principles of sustainability into their design process.

Very Interesting course , mainly biomimicry and light-weighting. Thanks for sharing.
Very Useful and interesting course @design academy
Hello, thanks for taking the time to share this course, I have found it very interesting. It is true that I found a couple of questions in the last quiz (3 and 14) that has no questions, just answers, and maybe 1 or 2 videos that has had troubles in displaying, but I found them in another platform (Udemy) and those videos were excellent. I understand all the job that means to put the course up and truly was a great project, I have to congratulate the whole team for the result, since you aboard a wide variety of topics and you fusioned them very well!!! Again, thanks for the content, I found it very interesting.