Product Design: Prosthetic Design

The World Health Organization estimates that there are 40 million amputees. There is an ever-growing demand for prosthetic limbs to support amputees over the course of their lifetimes. This course explores the design and development of an economically viable prosthetic socket for above-the-knee amputees in the developing world. By applying user-centered design practices and using Fusion 360 CAD/CAM software to design a digital and 3D printed prototype, you will be able to generate a low-cost conceptual prosthetic socket design to meet real world human-centered challenges.

Nice one.
I love this course. It allowed me to learn both: how to use Fusion 360 and design prosthetic limb socket. It's well prepared and all the steps are explained clearly. I have had one problem with the files provided. The mesh was a bit larger than the outer socket project pictures after scaling. Managed to handle it by stretching pictures in graphics program :) Thanks for this course and hope I'll find more awesome stuff like that in ADA ;)