Product Design: Innovative Packaging

The Product Design: Innovative Packaging course introduces you to product packaging design and sustainable design principles using Fusion 360 CAD/CAM software. With a focus on improving an existing product form, function, and sustainability, this course explores leading edge opportunities for the design of a new second life detergent packaging solution. In this course, we'll work together to develop a deep understanding of how second life packaging innovation can be achieved from the design and development process, to materials choice, manufacture, and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Your goal is to quickly generate photo-realistic digital prototypes for a new innovative second life packaging solution for presentation and review. Let's get started!

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Hi Anibal Pinto Cappello. The easiest way to generate these types of molds using your own 3D models in Fusion, is to first create a mold block (new Body) that you will use to encase the 3D model that you wish to mold. When you have done this, use Modify > Combine to generate the negative. I include an overview of the workflow below: Creating quick negative molds using your 3D models in Fusion 360: Workflow 1. Create the Mold Block. Create a new body that completely encases your 3D model. Consider working to manufacturing dimensions, if you know them. 2. Generate the negative mold, using Modify > Combine. From the toolbar, click Modify > Combine. In the dialog, set: Target Body: Select the Mold Block/new body. Tool Body: Select the 3D Model you wish to Mold (you find it easier to select the body from the browser). Operation: Cut. New Component: Yes. Keep Tools: Yes. Click OK. 3. Use Section Analysis and the Browser to survey the Mold. From the toolbar, click Inspect > Section Analysis. Select a face on the Mold block and use the manipulator tools to survey the mold. In the browser, toggle on and off the visibility of the various bodies to survey the mold. 4. Use Modify > Split Bodies to split the mold into a number of parts. You may want to split the new mold block into sections/bodies. If so, you can do this using Modify > Split Body from the toolbar. You can sketch lines, which you can use as ‘Splitting Tools’ in the Split Body dialog (to create the cuts). You can use your new molds in Fusions' CAM workspace! Hope this helps! Regards Jamie