Introduction to CAD for Engineers

Computer aided design (CAD) has moved beyond just drafting. This course introduces you to the core features in Fusion 360, a 3D cloud based CAD/CAM program, that supports the engineers in their design process. From design concept to modeling and prototyping, simulation, documentation, and manufacturing, Fusion 360 provides engineers with the tools needs for engineering innovation. In this course, you develop your skills through hands on lessons designing a kick scooter. Step-by-step video instruction and print instruction are provided. Let's get started.
Missing data sheet from "Project Resources" for Lesson 3, Step 11. Filename: Steering Clamp v5.
Easy to learn, explained in most simplest way
Brilliant course but in my CAM environment in tool database I don't have the tool mentioned in this course, thus I couldn't finish that part, but it gives me an general idea of what's going on. It would be nice to have an update and an explanation how to add a tool to complete this task or where from upload (if it's possible) tools to F360.