Product Design: User-Centered Design

This course introduces you to the user-centered design process, a process typically used in product and industrial design. The user-centered design (UCD) process focuses on gaining a deep understanding of who will be using the product throughout all phases of the design and development process, from user research and empathy to defining design criteria, idea generation, prototype development, testing, refinement, and final presentation. Your goal is to model a lunch box. Using Fusion 360 as the 3D CAD/CAM tool, you will quickly generate sketches for user review and feedback, streamline the design reiteration process, and inform design choices based on user needs. Let's get started!

Perspective grid explanation are in very short so if you could help a way to learn in more details, thank you.
I'm mexican, I thank really for your open course, I've learned to much, about design, time life product, custom oriented objects, and the most important is the aprroach 'hands on and forward', good for you....
Lessons are useful for understanding the tools and actions to perform in Fusion, however, the course could be more challenging.