Modeling and Prototyping for Product Designers

Learn how to create innovative, attractive, and functional designs. In this class, you'll follow a concept-development process used widely by product and industrial designers. You'll learn how to integrate tools for identifying relevant user needs, develop various potential design concepts, and refine a final solution—all within Fusion 360. Additional tools for visualization such as rendering and 3D printing will allow you to test your concepts and improve them as necessary. 
Great course for beginners
Perfect way of teaching everything
There is no video for the design process. it is a repetition of the getting started video
Excellent course. Very useful! :)
What if I need to make the laces? How I do that?
Nice job!
Cool course !
Its a nice course on how to use the sculpt environment, It was a bit rushed but that shouldn't be a problem for most people. The quiz contains questions that weren't taken in the course, however those questions are simple to answer.
course is fine , but quiz is whack! ask questions that were not covered in course! otherwise, awesome
how do i take the course?