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Hi all,


We would like to invite you to a survey.

If you confirmed started an internship this summer/fall; Or you just started your first job, please share your experience with us. (and take the survey, if not you can stop)

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Hi everyone,
What happened to BPAC content?
Could someone send the new link if there is?
bunch of thanks

I somewhat understand Autodesk's reluctance to host the Building Performance Analysis Certificate program, and have been grateful to have had almost a year of the content areas, I am baffled by their decision to simply remove all of the BPA content that was previously available. It was an invaluable source of information for students and faculty to access and apply directly to tools related directly to Revit and the concepts of Sustainable Design. Truly unfortunate!

goof morning all
where can i find study material for BPA

Is there anybody know what happen with the website:
I could not access to that.

Hello Thao, i have the same problem since last week. I can't access to the Sustainability Workshop. I'm writing to the Educational Community of Autodesk to give me a response. I suggest you should that too. Hopefully we can access the info soon....

Hello anyone know when Building Performance Analysis Course will be able to deliver the certificate again ?

hi everybody! i have actually now made an account on usgbc website . i want to list my bpac credentials in it . how can i do it?

Dear Autodesk Student Expert Network members,

Our Student Advocacy Program is continually focused on supporting you on your learning path, connecting you with industry leaders and peers, and giving you the opportunity to share and present your skills.

In the last three years, more and more eLearning content has been available to help you expand your skills. The exclusive CADLearning platform was one part of this effort. However, after reviewing the use of the CADLearning platform over the last year, we decided to discontinue this platform.

On March 1, 2018, we will close the CADLearning portal.

Additional content can be found here:
Design Academy (
Udemy (
iTunes U (
Autodesk Knowledge Network (

We thank you for being a part of our Student Advocacy Program. We are working on other benefits for our members.

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