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Hi guys, how can join to this course and get certificate "Autodesk Building Performance Analysis Certificate"

can any one answer me how can i get building performance analysis certificate please

hello every one ,
could you tell me how can i have building performance analysis certificate please ??

Hello Everyone,
As most of you might have completed BPAC at some point in time, but due to the unavailability of resources and being cut off from practicing BPAC knowledge, I feel like I have forgotten some of the concepts. Can we start discussing here?

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how can i take the course

Abdo - the Building Performance Analysis courses have been discontinued by the Autodesk Sustainability team. It is no longer available online. Some of the content is still available in the links in the post below.

Hi folks... I noticed that several people here have been asking about BPAC content & the Sustainability Workshop. It looks like no one else from Autodesk has responded here, so I'll let y'all know what's going on.

- The Autodesk Sustainability team has decided that they can't continue to run and manage this set of programs - due to goal changes, resource constraints, and difficulty keeping up with changing toolsets.
- The Autodesk Education team has decided that they can not assume ongoing management of these programs, for similar reasons.

- Prior to taking down the Sustainability Workshop site, the team moved much of the "evergreen" content to articles and collections on the Autodesk Knowledge Network, here:
--- It looks like, at least for me, some of the Collections here aren't publicly available. I'm getting "Access Denied" messages. I will surface this to the team.
--- All of the Mr. Imagination videos are here:
- Based on the announcement in the modified description of this group, we are also directing folks to: (though that page in-turn has links that direct people to the Sustainability Workshop & BPA Certificate, that don't work ... and I see some of the same on I will surface this to the team.)

- Jer Faludi, who is the primary author for much of the Sustainability Workshop content, now teaches Sustainable Design at Dartmouth. Jer is very interested in re-surfacing this information and helping it find a new home that can be part of a more vital commons and community for people who are doing this work. I know that Jer would welcome anyone here reaching out to him about this. You can find him here:
- Jer and I have many of the source files from the Sustainability Workshop, and if anyone needs anything - we may be able to find it for you. I'll be on sabbatical from my work at Autodesk until August 20th, so please reach out to Jer as a first step. I welcome continued dialogue on this after August 20th, and can be reached at:

Hi all,


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