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Hi everyone I just Joined. I became a Expert drawer back in 2013 when I finished at a Vocational Institute. I have had some head injuries that put a career on hold. I am looking to build Modding skills for simulation games so as to work from home with my injuries. IS THIS THE PLACE FOR ME TO START OVER IN A SENSE

Hello everyone,
I was just wondering what type of thing i should put in my Bio.

You can add your activities, like courses, events, workshops ... etc. You can also upload photos of your own designs and work to your e-portfolio !!

Hi everyone!!
I was wondering, it's been more than a month since I requested my student expert kit, but nothing happened yet!!
I am also asking about student ambassador kit, are there any updates about it??!!
Thanks in advance :)

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Hi everyone, I just joined the group, what activities do I need to participate in?

Hi everyone, I just joined the Student Expert group, and am curious as to what everyone has experienced due to being a member?

¿Por qué ese logo? ayer cambió


What does that mean? Is there any benefit?

You add the activity "Position Expert Alumni" so here you are.