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Hey Everyone,
We're looking for some student advocates to get involved in the Facebook group. A lot of newbs get there start there, and there's a lot of BAD advice going around. Having some Student Experts hanging around and offering good advice would be a huge help.
Here's the link:
Please email me if you'd like moderator privileges:

Hi folks!!
Ain't no challenges this month?

Design workshop hosted at @autodesk helps kids make their own super powers. "All kids want to solve problems and we give them the ability to do that" says @sarahoking76

Small Timber Construction Pavilion Project College assignment I Designed a few weeks back. I modeled and detailed everything in 4 days. Not to absolute product specific specification but There were design constraints that had to be figured out in respect of proposing possible detail solutions for this Writers Get away Box office Pavilion. :)