Advanced CAD for Engineers, Machinists, and Designers course series

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What we learn from industries

This course series is ideal for anyone interested in expanding their overall skills to be better adapted for future jobs in design and manufacturing. We cover a wide range of topics to prepare you for using CAD for the design, simulation, and manufacture of real-world parts. This three-course series starts with an overview of advanced design techniques where you explore the creation of sculpted bodies by creating a faucet handle shape. After completing these courses, you'll have developed a well-rounded skillset in the design, engineering, and manufacture of today’s complex parts using Autodesk® Fusion 360™.


Create and manipulate basic and advanced sculpted bodies.


Assemble and manage complex assemblies.


Analyze curvature draft and basic design of injection molded parts.


Understand some geometry requirements of injection molding.

The future of manufacturing

A transformation of manufacturing supply chains is ushering in the fourth modality of logistics. To ground, air, and ocean, manufacturers can now add digital. The move to the digital supply chain—the power source for Industry 4.0—creates multiple opportunities for every company in every industry.

But every revolution needs exemplars to help lead the way, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies present a massive opportunity: a chance to redesign supply chains so they are no longer constrained by the physical limitations of transportation and logistics.