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About us

Autodesk Design Academy helps educators unlock student creativity by granting free access to projects and courses that introduce students to new technologies and practices in 3D design. Each Design Academy project asks students to use Design Thinking and software skills to make innovative designs that have an impact on people’s lives. Authored by leading architects, engineers, artists, and animators, every one of our projects and courses delivers measurable results aligned with academic and industry standards. Our free learning resources, combined with Autodesk’s commitment to providing free educational software worldwide, gives educators the full toolset they need to free their students’ imaginations through design.

How it works

1. Choose your challenge

Whether you’re interested in designing urban parklets, formula one racing helmets, or video games, Design Academy has learning resources to help you get started. Just choose your challenge from the Curriculum page and download the associated project assets to help you get started. You can download all the free 3D design software you need to complete the challenge from the Autodesk Education Commmunity.

2. Get extra help

Looking to acquire new 3D design skills or brush up on what you already know? Check out our Product How-to page, where you’ll find how-to videos and getting started guides. We also provide personalized professional development through our Authorized Academic Partners, who will come to your school to provide you with face-to-face training.

3. Share your success with designers worldwide

Join the Design Academy community to contribute your designs to our Portfolios page, and see what other students and educators are making. You can also share your design inspirations via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. To help Design Academy raise classroom standards worldwide, share your feedback or contact us with suggestions.